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Aligning with PCI DSS 4.0’s new objectives

Today, ransomware is a multibillion-dollar business. So far, it has devastated a number of industries. The continued availability of weak security mechanisms and antiquated operating systems made these assaults and others like them possible. Malicious actors are likely to continue

PCI DSS compliance calls for a Qualified assessor

PCI DSS Compliance- there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.Even for professionals, understanding regulatory and best practises compliance can be a challenge. Among the many acronyms that require attention are GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS. The

Comprehensive checklist to ensure PCI Compliance

All of us are aware of hackers and all systems are vulnerable at some point in their lifecycle. Additionally, credit card information can be hacked. Cardholder data must be processed by your  business in order to function. In other words,

Hardening Servers for Availability and Security

Server hardening is a never ending process. It pays to think about security from the moment the computer is unpacked (or created in a virtual environment). But server hardening can do more. It will improve performance and keep your system

Best Practices for Robust System Hardening

Threat actors are continually evolving their tools and strategies to exploit any gaps or loopholes in your cyber security system. If they succeed, the damage to your network and data is almost immeasurable. Ensuring that your cyber protection architecture and

Hardening Baselines for reducing attack surface

Most new digital assets, such as servers and operating systems, are unconfigured by default. When an asset is installed, all options are activated. While most new assets require several software and firmware updates, most aren’t fully updated. System hardening helps

2022’s Top Security Challenges in the Cloud

Building client solutions on the cloud is an excellent idea. A decade ago, it would have been impossible to obtain the present levels of technology. It’s now possible to create a virtual data centre with only a single command. Teams

How to automate permanent server hardening

PCI DSS, ISO 27001 & HIPAA all such security standards need system hardening as a primary defense against cyber invasions. Who needs advanced security measures and defenses if you don’t initially secure all needless doors via which attackers might infiltrate

Reducing attack surface with System Hardening

Tools, techniques, and best practises can be used to harden technologies such as applications, systems, infrastructure, and firmware. In order to minimise the risk of attack, hardening systems is necessary. Your IT ecosystem is less vulnerable to attacks and malware

5 Key Cloud Security Challenges with unauthorized access

Data and apps that can be accessed from any device, regardless of platform, are increasingly sought after by businesses today. Although it’s theoretically possible, cloud computing security is fundamentally challenging. In order to take advantage of cloud computing while protecting

Best Practices for System Hardening in 2022

Despite the fact that operating systems like Windows have gotten more secure, they are still vulnerable to attack. As a result, organisations must exercise extraordinary caution when it comes to securing their endpoints. To acquire access to your corporate network,

Threats in Cybersecurity lifecycle explained

Cyberattacks in the CloudCompanies and cloud service providers are constantly exchanging data, which opens the door to accidental or malicious data leaks by third parties. Most cloud service data breaches are caused by a combination of these causes. Cloud service


Automated detection and correction of cloud infrastructure vulnerabilities can be achieved with CSPM. It is used to visualise and analyse risks, respond to incidents, monitor compliance, and integrate DevOps. CSPM is critical because…A cloud may establish hundreds or even thousands