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PCI Compliance: What It means for your company?

PCI Compliance: What It means for your company?“PCI compliance” may be a familiar term if your company processes credit cards. For those who are just starting started, here are some PCI compliance basics. What exactly PCI DSS compliance stand for?Payment

Hardening practices for configuration and vulnerability management

Hardened images are part of Extreme Compute’s cloud workload protection. In accordance with CIS regulations, we conduct this as part of our healthy cloud compliance solution. Hardening ensures that the operating system of the virtual server is devoid of unneeded

Major data security concerns in Cloud computing

Data security has long been a major concern for IT professionals (IT). Data security is essential because most of our personal and business information is housed in the cloud. Data confidentiality cannot be guaranteed despite the fact that cloud service

4 Cloud Security Challenges & Solutions for 2022

More and more businesses are shifting to the cloud in the recent years. There are now 41 percent of organisations using cloud services, up from 25 percent before the outbreak. In addition, 21% of companies expect to move 80-100 percent

PCI DSS Compliance: Everything You Need To Know

A set of security rules is outlined in the PCI DSS in order to protect payment systems from being hacked, fraudulently used, or their identities stolen. American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, and Visa all had their security requirements harmonised and

Why security is critical for a Cloud-First strategy

Increasing the sturdiness of securityUsing the cloud is the best way for companies to quickly adapt and grow. There is a security risk with every new public cloud instance. Even the most basic corporate security requirements are unlikely to be

How to adopt hardening measures in the cloud

With the rapid rise of cloud computing, traditional in-house application and service deployments have been replaced by virtualization. Currently, corporations can save money by renting hardware from companies like Extreme Compute and creating virtual servers with the exact hardware characteristics

Payment security, priorities and other activities of PCI SSC

Keeping tabs on, improving, and promoting PCI security standards is the mission of the PCI Security Standards Council. EPC (European Payments Council) has had a working relationship with them for over a decade now. A PCI SSC Board of Advisors

Cloud OS Security and Hardening

Hardening a ServerIt is the process of making a computer more secure. The host, application, operating system, physical environment, user, and sublevels are all protected by hardening. This is also known as “hardening” the system. Increasing the security of your

A Robust Cloud Security Architecture brings your strategy together

An overlooked and misunderstood part of cloud computing is establishing a security architecture. Cloud-based data assets and applications should be protected and shown while cloud service providers share accountability. There are many security issues that can come from a product-centric