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5 Key Cloud Security Challenges with unauthorized access

Data and apps that can be accessed from any device, regardless of platform, are increasingly sought after by businesses today. Although it’s theoretically possible, cloud computing security is fundamentally challenging. In order to take advantage of cloud computing while protecting

Securing Web Applications with System Hardening

Hardening a computer system reduces its attack surface. This involves deactivating unused services, shutting open network ports, and modifying default settings. The underlying operating systems, databases, network devices, application servers, and web servers affect the attack surface. This article discusses

Payment security, priorities and other activities of PCI SSC

Keeping tabs on, improving, and promoting PCI security standards is the mission of the PCI Security Standards Council. EPC (European Payments Council) has had a working relationship with them for over a decade now. A PCI SSC Board of Advisors

Best Practices for System Hardening in 2022

Despite the fact that operating systems like Windows have gotten more secure, they are still vulnerable to attack. As a result, organisations must exercise extraordinary caution when it comes to securing their endpoints. To acquire access to your corporate network,

10 things to overcome before moving to cloud

Problems with Cloud Security Cyber-attacks (and data breaches) and regulatory compliance are among the cloud computing security concerns. The key problems are visibility, access constraints, and configuration errors. Extreme Compute has broken down the hurdles of cloud migration so you

Cloud OS Security and Hardening

Hardening a ServerIt is the process of making a computer more secure. The host, application, operating system, physical environment, user, and sublevels are all protected by hardening. This is also known as “hardening” the system. Increasing the security of your

Threats in Cybersecurity lifecycle explained

Cyberattacks in the CloudCompanies and cloud service providers are constantly exchanging data, which opens the door to accidental or malicious data leaks by third parties. Most cloud service data breaches are caused by a combination of these causes. Cloud service

A Robust Cloud Security Architecture brings your strategy together

An overlooked and misunderstood part of cloud computing is establishing a security architecture. Cloud-based data assets and applications should be protected and shown while cloud service providers share accountability. There are many security issues that can come from a product-centric


Automated detection and correction of cloud infrastructure vulnerabilities can be achieved with CSPM. It is used to visualise and analyse risks, respond to incidents, monitor compliance, and integrate DevOps. CSPM is critical because…A cloud may establish hundreds or even thousands

Components of a cloud security architecture in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS

An organization’s data and applications on the cloud are protected by cloud security architecture. In order to expand enterprise security, architecture is required. Customers and cloud service providers share responsibility for cloud security. Having a security architecture in place becomes

Why do we need Security Hardening Standards?

What is Security Hardening?A hardening standard defines the baseline standards for each system. Each new system must meet the hardening standard upon introduction. Several industry standards, such as CIS, give benchmarks for various operating systems and apps. Each hardening standard

10 Best ways of OS Hardening

Hardening the Operating System (OS)Windows, Linux, and Apple’s OS X are hardened to protect critical computing systems. It’s common for OS hardening to include the following steps: Setting up and maintaining a secure environment Patches and service packs are updated

Cybersecurity: A new EO that’s stressing critical Infra providers

Ransomware. Five years ago, the cybersecurity community was familiar with the term, albeit infrequently. New Ransomware has been making headlines since the beginning of the year 2021. Numerous security professionals and non-professionals alike have brought it up.

Overcoming the security challenges in Public cloud

In the next six years, the data-lake sector is predicted to grow to $31.5 billion, prompting worry among large corporations. Why? As a result, there will be more public cloud usage, alerts, warnings, and security problems. Over 56% of enterprise

7 Security Challenges in Cloud Computing

These are top seven potential security Issues with the cloud  Increasing numbers of people are turning to the cloud. End-user spending on public cloud computing will reach $304.9 billion by 2022, according to Gartner. Some companies remain sceptical of the

5 Cloud Security Architecture Building Tips

Enterprises will need a strong security architecture when they begin moving their data and apps to the cloud. A Cloud Security Architecture is defined as: an architectural framework that specifies how an organization’s cloud security strategy will be implemented and


It’s predicted that the cloud migration services market will reach $9.5 billion by the end of 2022. More companies are moving to cloud platforms or contemplating it due to the advantages of scalability, efficiency, and rapid implementation.Cloud data and system


What Is The Purpose of a Cloud Security Assessment? An organization’s cloud infrastructure is evaluated and analysed as part of a cloud security assessment in order to ensure that it is safe from different types of security threats. The goal of


Prior to being transported to and stored in the cloud, data is encrypted using cloud encryption, which transforms it into unreadable cypher text. It is impossible to decipher encrypted information without the encryption keys, just like any other kind of

What Exactly is Container Security?

The on-going endeavour to secure containers, including their pipeline, deployment infrastructure, and supply chain, is known as “container security.” The difficulty of protecting containers continues because the container environment is more complicated and ephemeral than conventional security. Software that can


Each and every day, businesses encounter security risks and obstacles. Some conflate these terms and their nuances differ. The below knowledge will help you better protect your cloud assets.

Here’s Why Everything-as-a-Service is the New Norm | ExtremeCompute

The “as-a-Service” paradigm of cloud computing, which provides services over the internet, is a growing trend around the world. Users are increasingly turning to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) options to access services and products. In the same pay-as-you-go business model, a wide

How Enterprise Cloud Aspirants deal with Skills Shortage?

Cloud deployment, as well as its various implementations, is a well-known term in the Information Technology business. The numerous ways a cloud platform service can be hosted and used gives us with a vast canvas on which to manage solutions

5 benefits Your Business needs from Cloud – Extreme Compute

  Business owners must obtain what they need just when they need it in today’s ever-changing business climate, whether they’re on their computers, tablets, or mobile phones – whether at the office, out in the field, or on the road.