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Benefits and Applications of Cloud-Native Security: Explained

Due to an increase in cyber threats, cloud security has become a major challenge for the industry in recent years. Cloud providers have prioritized security services since 2014. This comprises infrastructure and tenant boundary protection, as well as enhanced data

End-of-support from your Cloud Service? Here’s What to do

End-of-support refers to when a vendor stops providing support for a product or service. When a corporation introduces a new version of a hardware or software product, it often ceases support for earlier versions. Many organizations were concerned that some

Is Your Cloud prepared to Fight Identity-Based Attacks?

The rapid adoption of cloud services has created a new set of issues for businesses looking for better ways to protect their data. IT decision-makers are still concerned about security, but many are unprepared to deal with the problems of

Why Companies are Lining up for Multi-Cloud to Spread Risk?

Although organizations have been moving toward a multi-cloud operating model for some time, the epidemic has hastened the trend and pushed fresh conversations about transformative cloud strategy. Several businesses are currently experiencing tangible benefits in terms of continuity, resiliency, management

This Week in Cloud – Minimizing Storage Costs in 6 Ways

Cloud Storage has become the go-to for storing our files as our files grow in size every day. Cloud Storage is a more secure, accessible, and convenient method of data storage. Cloud storage software has the capacity to sync data

5 Ways to Ensure Data Security when building Cloud Infra?

The usage of cloud technology is growing at a rapid pace. With the infrastructure in the forefront of our minds, it reminded us of the unique issues that businesses face as they acclimate to working in a cloud environment. Many

Avoid Analog Ideas in a Digital World – Rethink Cloud Security

By providing a new platform for developing and delivering company value, Cloud has the potential to profoundly transform competitive landscapes. Organizations must identify how to best deploy cloud-enabled security models that support sustainable competitive advantage to take advantage of the

Top 7 Purposes Why Businesses Choose Cloud – Extreme Compute

Software and Services that run on the Internet rather than on your computer are referred to as cloud. Your computer connects with a network of servers when you use the cloud. Some servers are dedicated to storage, while others make

5 Ways to manage your Applications better on Cloud – Extreme Compute

Businesses around the world began adopting SaaS platforms and cloud apps in massive numbers last year to better accommodate remote workers. As firms migrate to hybrid employment patterns in the post-pandemic era, this trend hasn’t slowed. CIOs and their IT

How to gain control over Cloud Costs and Minimize Spend?

If you are planning to move to the cloud, you need to understand how you can avoid spending extra money on additional resources. An integrated cloud provides you with the exact services you need while freeing up capital to help

When should you switch from Public to Private Cloud?

You’re probably familiar with the private vs. public cloud debate if you’ve been researching cloud computing. It’s critical to understand the differences between the two before deciding which side of the debate you support. A private cloud hosting system, also

Why we need Agile Infrastructure for Cloud Innovation?

For much of the last decade, cloud computing has been a fundamental driver of digital transformation, which has only intensified in recent years as a result of reduced costs, lower latency, and greater flexibility. Businesses are increasingly turning to hybrid

4 Emerging ways to shape your Digital Workforce – Extreme Compute

Businesses around the world began adopting SaaS platforms and cloud apps from last year to better accommodate remote workers. As firms migrate to hybrid employment patterns in the post-pandemic era, this trend hasn’t slowed. A digital workplace leader’s job is

“How does my business achieve cloud sustainability?” Extreme Compute

A Growing Number of CXO’s are attempting to strike the correct balance between digital transformation and long-term sustainability plans. Companies have traditionally used the cloud to get financial, security, and agility benefits, but sustainability is now a must. Leaders claim

Signs That Your Cloud is Becoming a White Elephant | EC Cloud

COVID-19 and the work-from-home mandate were definitely major drivers of cloud adoption in 2020. According to Gartner, cloud spending would reach over $305 billion in 2021, up 18% from the previous year. While the large picture of data and application

How Leaders are leveraging DataOps to boost Customer Value?

While the term “DataOps” implies that it is highly influenced by DevOps, the intellectual background of DataOps is made up of three approaches — Agile, DevOps, and statistical process control. SPC orchestrates and monitors the data factory, while Agile governs analytics

Why experts say complexities arise from Cloud Solution Overkill ?

Every Enterprise cloud provider aspires to provide cloud services in a professional manner, adhering to established standards and best practices. They want to accomplish their job as efficiently as possible, with no errors, no omissions, and with consideration of all

How to have a workaround? If you get stuck in a cloud

Despite the fact that the Cloud market has grown significantly in recent years, several issues still prevent businesses from moving. Vendor lock-in is one of these concerns. Despite the fact that the cloud provides significant benefits to business expansion, many

How well do you know your Cloud? Extreme Compute

  Cloud technology has evolved over the previous decade from a valuable competitive business tool to one of the business world’s main underpinnings. Most digital transformation programs include the goal of migrating assets, applications, and infrastructure to the cloud in order

Top 10 Leadership Disciplines to Manage IT Costs | Extreme Compute

Digitalization costs are driving up technology budgets, both in terms of money and as a percentage of operating expenses. Whether it is on-premises or in the cloud, don’t just minimize IT expenditures; optimize them with insight, strategy, and creative solutions.

Key Takeaways from Top Cybersecurity Breaches of 2021

Cyber-attacks aren’t going away anytime soon, which is a terrible fact of life. Today’s hackers have far more sophisticated tools at their disposal, which is altering the danger landscape. Every time a major data breach affects a company, it demonstrates

4 Steps for Leaders to make the most of Change Management

What does Change Management mean? The process, tools, and methods used to manage the human side of change in order to achieve the desired business outcome are known as change management. Change management refers to the set of organizational strategies

How Leaders create a compelling case for their Cloud Strategy?

The pressures to operate as sustainable organizations are increasing as initiatives for digital transformation accelerate. A growing number of leaders are attempting to strike the correct balance between speeding digital transformation and long-term sustainability initiatives, as well as taking a