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What does the future hold for an enterprise cloud?

The cloud’s promises have been out there for more than a decade, from mobility and scalability to lower costs and simpler access to new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics, and businesses are continuing to shift more of

Here’s why Cloud will set out tech refresh in Forex trading by 2025

According to a recent survey, cloud technology will account for the majority of trading in the $6.6 trillion-per-day foreign exchange markets over the next five years. The stable and cost-effective cloud-based applications are expected to be widely adopted by top

Veeam’s new V11 all set to enhance multi-cloud data ?

NEW Veeam Backup & Replication V11, the most comprehensive data protection solution for Cloud, Virtual, Physical, and Business workloads, has been launched by Veeam Software, the pioneer in backup solutions that offer Cloud Data Management. The unified solution for comprehensive data

Why Cloud-based tech could be crucial for road to retail recovery?

The ongoing pandemic is transforming consumer sentiment and habits, leading more customers to adopt technology in retail. Being digital and getting a good backend is critical for retailers today. Every retailer is going digital at a faster pace and investing

Here’s why digital transition calls for modern cloud security

The current state of the economy and industry is pushing digital transformation. In all aspects, the involvement of digital operations has grown at an unprecedented pace. Information Technology (IT) services in India have grown over the last two decades from

Is Manufacturing sector taking a chunk out of Industry 4.0’s cloud Tech?

Industry 4.0 is catching on due to recent advances in cyber-computing capabilities. AI, IoT, and other developments are closing the distance between the virtual and real worlds, which provides an interoperable interface between IT and physical operations.  Cyber-physical realms are

Steps to a secure cloud & the soaring bandwidth consumption

With the pandemic led remote work-style, the conventional defense infrastructure that agencies had spent decades constructing, and working towards, was thrown into disarray. Most agencies adopted the short-term solution of going for more virtual private networks (VPNs), which increased latency.

SASE aids Security Teams as Businesses move to Cloud

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a modern cloud-based network security model coined by Gartner. It incorporates network and security services into an integrated framework. New techniques would enable businesses to maintain control of their security and networking, which are

Why Indian Independent Software Vendor ISV’s are actively seeking Cloud?

Viewing at the last few months, a large number of Indian independent software vendors (ISVs) are opting to run their business critical applications on Cloud Infrastructure to boost application efficiency and accelerate business development. Across several cities in India, organizations

Four Cybersecurity trends forecasted for CIOs in 2021

After a roller-coaster journey so far from last year, some businesses made it through the pandemic with remote workforce and some still remain in the fine-tuning process. One key criteria that persistently troubled is Cybercrime owing to organized ransomware attacks

Multi Cloud Migration Services – India | Extreme Compute

To stay relevant in this digital era, your applications must perform faster and handle all your needs. Existing technologies will become obsolete if they don’t start addressing more complex processes with ease and support new technology integrations. That being said,

Choosing a HANA Cloud Provider shouldn’t be hard – EC Cloud

When choosing a HANA cloud provider, it is important to ensure that key business leaders understand what SAP HANA is — and, more importantly, how HANA permeates the current SAP application software and server environment. HANA is SAP’s in-memory repository

Make a Disaster Recovery plan that matters – ExtremeCompute

Businesses are becoming more yielding and sensitive to emerging technologies in the web, social and IoT area. Nevertheless, the threat of a catastrophe happening increases in our insatiable desire to remain resilient and available. The key question here is how

Cloud Migration Strategies – Post Union Budget 2021

Amid the pandemic, The Finance Minister has presented with Union Budget 2021-2022 and it has been open to comments from different industries. Coming to Information Technology, there has been a persistent importance given to Data Analytics, Machine learning and Artificial

Worried about Capital Exp? All your questions answered; Colocation

The decision to move, expand or consolidate your data center must be taken into account in terms of cost, operational reliability and, of course, security. With these considerations in mind, more companies are finding that colocation offers the solution they

An Inside-out review, why backup power is essential

Every larger data center’s power supply begins with a connection to the main grid that the local utility company provides. Typically, data centers are connected to at least one diesel or gas backup generator to ensure uninterrupted operation even in

An Expert’s guide to understand your Cloud Application Performance

Although proponents believe the cloud solves all problems, with all its inherent limitations, skeptics see nothing beyond large-scale virtualization. What’s right and what’s the desirability for cloud architectures to think about? Yes, clouds are usually implemented as virtualized environments, though

Ever increasing appetite: Cloud Era consumes more bandwidth

A strong demand for bandwidth is generated by the new generation of cloud apps-not only for the user, but also within the data center and between data centers. You have a lot of bandwidth when you have data centers running

It’s never too late to re-evaluate your backup plan | Extreme Compute

Data protection architecture of the database should be specified by business requirements. Such criteria include considerations such as rate of recovery, maximum allowable data loss, and the need for backup storage. The data protection plan must also take into account

Lesser Known secrets of Online storage – Enterprise Ready Cloud

The Ability to access information from anywhere is one of the biggest advantages of online storage. As the number of devices used by the average person continues to grow, it has become more important to synchronize or transfer data between devices.

SAM Optimization; These decisions will make you proud in the long term

In an ever-changing global marketplace, many organizations struggle with business–IT alignment. Lack of a common practice across the market highly creates the need to optimize when it comes to SAM. Here are some practices that would help one approaching optimization

Here’s Why Enhancing MTTR over MTBF is optimal for Companies

In Software as a Service (SaaS) enterprise, one of the arguable debates is between release frequency vs. reliability and availability. That is, are you Team MTTR (mean time to restore) or Team MTBF (mean time between failure)? I support for

Best practises of Enterprises unveiled – Backup and Recovery

  Enterprise maintenance of Backup and Recovery Backups for data storage seem to be a simple enough way to protect valuable business data from accidental erasure, application crashes, server mishaps, ransomware, and the countless other ways in which data becomes

Why datacenter location is crucial ? A deeper look into Datacenters

A Datacenter with power and connectivity can be constructed anywhere, but the location has an impact on the quality of service it can provide to its customers. In order to cope with digital transformation and the resulting mountains of information

The biggest secret in Power management : Know it all now

Datacenter: Electricity Even the most advanced and powerful network without power is merely a stack of metal scrap. No matter how sophisticated your setup is, you could be missing out if it doesn’t get and use power efficiently. Here are