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Why Companies are Lining up for Multi-Cloud to Spread Risk?

Although organizations have been moving toward a multi-cloud operating model for some time, the epidemic has hastened the trend and pushed fresh conversations about transformative cloud strategy. Several businesses are currently experiencing tangible benefits in terms of continuity, resiliency, management

Top 7 Purposes Why Businesses Choose Cloud – Extreme Compute

Software and Services that run on the Internet rather than on your computer are referred to as cloud. Your computer connects with a network of servers when you use the cloud. Some servers are dedicated to storage, while others make

“How does my business achieve cloud sustainability?” Extreme Compute

A Growing Number of CXO’s are attempting to strike the correct balance between digital transformation and long-term sustainability plans. Companies have traditionally used the cloud to get financial, security, and agility benefits, but sustainability is now a must. Leaders claim

Signs That Your Cloud is Becoming a White Elephant | EC Cloud

COVID-19 and the work-from-home mandate were definitely major drivers of cloud adoption in 2020. According to Gartner, cloud spending would reach over $305 billion in 2021, up 18% from the previous year. While the large picture of data and application