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Cloud Hardening: Security tools that sealed the loopholes

A safe environment, from infrastructure to cloud applications, is crucial from a technology perspective. A company’s information security policy should be made clear to all personnel, and access control rules should be properly enforced (firewalls, passwords, etc.). It’s time for

Avoid Analog Ideas in a Digital World – Rethink Cloud Security

By providing a new platform for developing and delivering company value, Cloud has the potential to profoundly transform competitive landscapes. Organizations must identify how to best deploy cloud-enabled security models that support sustainable competitive advantage to take advantage of the

21’s Cloud Trends – Digital solutions driving market turnaround

Disruptive innovations are changing the way we do business and work. Consumers are becoming more empowered as a result of these developments, and businesses are being forced to adapt or risk being left behind. Businesses are at a critical juncture.

An Expert’s guide to understand your Cloud Application Performance

Although proponents believe the cloud solves all problems, with all its inherent limitations, skeptics see nothing beyond large-scale virtualization. What’s right and what’s the desirability for cloud architectures to think about? Yes, clouds are usually implemented as virtualized environments, though