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Major data security concerns in Cloud computing

Data security has long been a major concern for IT professionals (IT). Data security is essential because most of our personal and business information is housed in the cloud. Data confidentiality cannot be guaranteed despite the fact that cloud service

How to gain control over Cloud Costs and Minimize Spend?

If you are planning to move to the cloud, you need to understand how you can avoid spending extra money on additional resources. An integrated cloud provides you with the exact services you need while freeing up capital to help

Why we need Agile Infrastructure for Cloud Innovation?

For much of the last decade, cloud computing has been a fundamental driver of digital transformation, which has only intensified in recent years as a result of reduced costs, lower latency, and greater flexibility. Businesses are increasingly turning to hybrid

Overcoming the 4 Obstacles of post-pandemic Cloud Migration

Cloud Computing, also known as Software as a Service or SaaS, allows any user to access a variety of software applications that run on shared computing devices over the internet, including disk storage, memory, and processing power. But since the