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Using Continuous Hardening to become more resilient.

Continuous hardening increases ResilienceNo one is immune to threats. The most well-known and common sorts of digital misuse should permanently be hardened. IT infrastructures include hundreds of applications and storage, server, and network components. Each component can be modified in

Reducing attack surface with System Hardening

Tools, techniques, and best practises can be used to harden technologies such as applications, systems, infrastructure, and firmware. In order to minimise the risk of attack, hardening systems is necessary. Your IT ecosystem is less vulnerable to attacks and malware

Is Your Cloud prepared to Fight Identity-Based Attacks?

The rapid adoption of cloud services has created a new set of issues for businesses looking for better ways to protect their data. IT decision-makers are still concerned about security, but many are unprepared to deal with the problems of

7 ways to improve your Cloud Performance | Extreme Compute

The coronavirus pandemic has strengthened the need for businesses to migrate to the cloud in order to retain business continuity, serve customers, and ensure that their remote workforces are aligned and have access to the resources they need to stay

Cloud Security – How Secure is your Data with Cloud Storage?

What is Cloud Storage and How does it Work? Storing data in the cloud means data is transmitted and stored on remote storage facilities, where it is maintained, monitored, backed up, and made accessible to users via the internet. Typically,