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2022’s Top Security Challenges in the Cloud

Building client solutions on the cloud is an excellent idea. A decade ago, it would have been impossible to obtain the present levels of technology. It’s now possible to create a virtual data centre with only a single command. Teams

This Week in Cloud – Minimizing Storage Costs in 6 Ways

Cloud Storage has become the go-to for storing our files as our files grow in size every day. Cloud Storage is a more secure, accessible, and convenient method of data storage. Cloud storage software has the capacity to sync data

How well do you know your Cloud? Extreme Compute

  Cloud technology has evolved over the previous decade from a valuable competitive business tool to one of the business world’s main underpinnings. Most digital transformation programs include the goal of migrating assets, applications, and infrastructure to the cloud in order

Cloud Security – How Secure is your Data with Cloud Storage?

What is Cloud Storage and How does it Work? Storing data in the cloud means data is transmitted and stored on remote storage facilities, where it is maintained, monitored, backed up, and made accessible to users via the internet. Typically,