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A Robust Cloud Security Architecture brings your strategy together

An overlooked and misunderstood part of cloud computing is establishing a security architecture. Cloud-based data assets and applications should be protected and shown while cloud service providers share accountability. There are many security issues that can come from a product-centric

Why do we need Security Hardening Standards?

What is Security Hardening?A hardening standard defines the baseline standards for each system. Each new system must meet the hardening standard upon introduction. Several industry standards, such as CIS, give benchmarks for various operating systems and apps. Each hardening standard

Cybersecurity: A new EO that’s stressing critical Infra providers

Ransomware. Five years ago, the cybersecurity community was familiar with the term, albeit infrequently. New Ransomware has been making headlines since the beginning of the year 2021. Numerous security professionals and non-professionals alike have brought it up.

Overcoming the security challenges in Public cloud

In the next six years, the data-lake sector is predicted to grow to $31.5 billion, prompting worry among large corporations. Why? As a result, there will be more public cloud usage, alerts, warnings, and security problems. Over 56% of enterprise

7 Security Challenges in Cloud Computing

These are top seven potential security Issues with the cloud  Increasing numbers of people are turning to the cloud. End-user spending on public cloud computing will reach $304.9 billion by 2022, according to Gartner. Some companies remain sceptical of the

5 Cloud Security Architecture Building Tips

Enterprises will need a strong security architecture when they begin moving their data and apps to the cloud. A Cloud Security Architecture is defined as: an architectural framework that specifies how an organization’s cloud security strategy will be implemented and