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Steps to a secure cloud & the soaring bandwidth consumption

With the pandemic led remote work-style, the conventional defense infrastructure that agencies had spent decades constructing, and working towards, was thrown into disarray. Most agencies adopted the short-term solution of going for more virtual private networks (VPNs), which increased latency.

Why datacenter location is crucial ? A deeper look into Datacenters

A Datacenter with power and connectivity can be constructed anywhere, but the location has an impact on the quality of service it can provide to its customers. In order to cope with digital transformation and the resulting mountains of information

Your Best Guide to primer – MYSQL Benchmarking

  MySQL Benchmarking is a useful branch for optimizing database efficiency. This article expects readers to have a fundamental understanding of relational database structures such as MySQL and Linux’s organizational use. So why should server administrators on their MySQL systems

Fail-proof ideas you can steal for choosing a location | Extreme Compute

A lot of things concern data centers. Weather may affect the choice of location, but there are typically several additional factors such as local economy status, customer proximity, energy availability and networking links, and, most significantly, politics. In this post,