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Why Companies are Lining up for Multi-Cloud to Spread Risk?

Although organizations have been moving toward a multi-cloud operating model for some time, the epidemic has hastened the trend and pushed fresh conversations about transformative cloud strategy. Several businesses are currently experiencing tangible benefits in terms of continuity, resiliency, management

Avoid Analog Ideas in a Digital World – Rethink Cloud Security

By providing a new platform for developing and delivering company value, Cloud has the potential to profoundly transform competitive landscapes. Organizations must identify how to best deploy cloud-enabled security models that support sustainable competitive advantage to take advantage of the

How to gain control over Cloud Costs and Minimize Spend?

If you are planning to move to the cloud, you need to understand how you can avoid spending extra money on additional resources. An integrated cloud provides you with the exact services you need while freeing up capital to help

Building a resilient cloud with top three DR Models – Extreme Compute

Although many sectors have been impacted by the lockdown and subsequent restrictions that have become necessary for safety, the digital technology and cloud economy have performed extremely well. Many companies have been forced to re-evaluate and re-look at how they

Cloud Migration Strategies – Post Union Budget 2021

Amid the pandemic, The Finance Minister has presented with Union Budget 2021-2022 and it has been open to comments from different industries. Coming to Information Technology, there has been a persistent importance given to Data Analytics, Machine learning and Artificial

Best practises of Enterprises unveiled – Backup and Recovery

  Enterprise maintenance of Backup and Recovery Backups for data storage seem to be a simple enough way to protect valuable business data from accidental erasure, application crashes, server mishaps, ransomware, and the countless other ways in which data becomes