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Why experts say complexities arise from Cloud Solution Overkill ?

Every Enterprise cloud provider aspires to provide cloud services in a professional manner, adhering to established standards and best practices. They want to accomplish their job as efficiently as possible, with no errors, no omissions, and with consideration of all

How Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) safeguards your Data ?

Whenever there is a failure event in your data, disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is a cloud-based solution offered by third-party cloud providers to organizations to ensure data protection and avoid complete loss.  What is the Benefit of DRaaS?

Mitigating Active Cyberattacks on SAP bugs in realtime | Extreme Compute

Sensitive vulnerabilities in unpatched SAP software are being widely exploited by cyberattackers around the world, according to researchers. On Tuesday, a study was published on the activities, which include the weaponization of security vulnerabilities with CVSS severity scores of up

Building a resilient cloud with top three DR Models – Extreme Compute

Although many sectors have been impacted by the lockdown and subsequent restrictions that have become necessary for safety, the digital technology and cloud economy have performed extremely well. Many companies have been forced to re-evaluate and re-look at how they

Why relying only on on-premise security may cost you dearly ?

The cloud migration services market is expected to reach $9.5 billion by 2022, according to industry estimates. More businesses are increasingly transitioning to cloud services or considering it due to benefits such as scalability, improved performance, and faster deployment. In

21’s Cloud Trends – Digital solutions driving market turnaround

Disruptive innovations are changing the way we do business and work. Consumers are becoming more empowered as a result of these developments, and businesses are being forced to adapt or risk being left behind. Businesses are at a critical juncture.

Here’s why digital transition calls for modern cloud security

The current state of the economy and industry is pushing digital transformation. In all aspects, the involvement of digital operations has grown at an unprecedented pace. Information Technology (IT) services in India have grown over the last two decades from

Is Manufacturing sector taking a chunk out of Industry 4.0’s cloud Tech?

Industry 4.0 is catching on due to recent advances in cyber-computing capabilities. AI, IoT, and other developments are closing the distance between the virtual and real worlds, which provides an interoperable interface between IT and physical operations.  Cyber-physical realms are

Why Indian Independent Software Vendor ISV’s are actively seeking Cloud?

Viewing at the last few months, a large number of Indian independent software vendors (ISVs) are opting to run their business critical applications on Cloud Infrastructure to boost application efficiency and accelerate business development. Across several cities in India, organizations

An Expert’s guide to understand your Cloud Application Performance

Although proponents believe the cloud solves all problems, with all its inherent limitations, skeptics see nothing beyond large-scale virtualization. What’s right and what’s the desirability for cloud architectures to think about? Yes, clouds are usually implemented as virtualized environments, though

It’s never too late to re-evaluate your backup plan | Extreme Compute

Data protection architecture of the database should be specified by business requirements. Such criteria include considerations such as rate of recovery, maximum allowable data loss, and the need for backup storage. The data protection plan must also take into account

Best practises of Enterprises unveiled – Backup and Recovery

  Enterprise maintenance of Backup and Recovery Backups for data storage seem to be a simple enough way to protect valuable business data from accidental erasure, application crashes, server mishaps, ransomware, and the countless other ways in which data becomes