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Five security challenges that could go through 2022

Extreme Compute’s Cloud Threat Landscape Report for 2021 showed an increase in cloud application vulnerabilities. On-premises resources being used to pivot to cloud resources are the leading causes of threat actor vulnerabilities. RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is used to access

Shared responsibility and challenges in cloud security

Every business must prioritise safeguarding its data on the cloud. Due to shared resources and Internet connectivity, cloud services and settings are more vulnerable than on-premises systems. The privacy and dependability of cloud services necessitate specific approaches to cloud security.

A Robust Cloud Security Architecture brings your strategy together

An overlooked and misunderstood part of cloud computing is establishing a security architecture. Cloud-based data assets and applications should be protected and shown while cloud service providers share accountability. There are many security issues that can come from a product-centric

Why do we need Security Hardening Standards?

What is Security Hardening?A hardening standard defines the baseline standards for each system. Each new system must meet the hardening standard upon introduction. Several industry standards, such as CIS, give benchmarks for various operating systems and apps. Each hardening standard

Building a resilient cloud with top three DR Models – Extreme Compute

Although many sectors have been impacted by the lockdown and subsequent restrictions that have become necessary for safety, the digital technology and cloud economy have performed extremely well. Many companies have been forced to re-evaluate and re-look at how they

Make a Disaster Recovery plan that matters – ExtremeCompute

Businesses are becoming more yielding and sensitive to emerging technologies in the web, social and IoT area. Nevertheless, the threat of a catastrophe happening increases in our insatiable desire to remain resilient and available. The key question here is how

It’s never too late to re-evaluate your backup plan | Extreme Compute

Data protection architecture of the database should be specified by business requirements. Such criteria include considerations such as rate of recovery, maximum allowable data loss, and the need for backup storage. The data protection plan must also take into account

Best practises of Enterprises unveiled – Backup and Recovery

  Enterprise maintenance of Backup and Recovery Backups for data storage seem to be a simple enough way to protect valuable business data from accidental erasure, application crashes, server mishaps, ransomware, and the countless other ways in which data becomes