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Hardening practices for configuration and vulnerability management

Hardened images are part of Extreme Compute’s cloud workload protection. In accordance with CIS regulations, we conduct this as part of our healthy cloud compliance solution. Hardening ensures that the operating system of the virtual server is devoid of unneeded

Hardening Servers for Availability and Security

Server hardening is a never ending process. It pays to think about security from the moment the computer is unpacked (or created in a virtual environment). But server hardening can do more. It will improve performance and keep your system

Database, OS, Applications and Server; Infra Hardening Guidelines

Attack resistance and regulatory compliance can only be achieved by hardening the IT infrastructure. Computer systems and websites are constantly targeted by hackers using a variety of cyber-attack methods. As cyber-attacks continue to evolve, information systems, particularly servers, must be

How to automate permanent server hardening

PCI DSS, ISO 27001 & HIPAA all such security standards need system hardening as a primary defense against cyber invasions. Who needs advanced security measures and defenses if you don’t initially secure all needless doors via which attackers might infiltrate

Cloud OS Security and Hardening

Hardening a ServerIt is the process of making a computer more secure. The host, application, operating system, physical environment, user, and sublevels are all protected by hardening. This is also known as “hardening” the system. Increasing the security of your