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Hardening practices for configuration and vulnerability management

Hardened images are part of Extreme Compute’s cloud workload protection. In accordance with CIS regulations, we conduct this as part of our healthy cloud compliance solution. Hardening ensures that the operating system of the virtual server is devoid of unneeded

Best Practices for Robust System Hardening

Threat actors are continually evolving their tools and strategies to exploit any gaps or loopholes in your cyber security system. If they succeed, the damage to your network and data is almost immeasurable. Ensuring that your cyber protection architecture and

Hardening Baselines for reducing attack surface

Most new digital assets, such as servers and operating systems, are unconfigured by default. When an asset is installed, all options are activated. While most new assets require several software and firmware updates, most aren’t fully updated. System hardening helps

Using Continuous Hardening to become more resilient.

Continuous hardening increases ResilienceNo one is immune to threats. The most well-known and common sorts of digital misuse should permanently be hardened. IT infrastructures include hundreds of applications and storage, server, and network components. Each component can be modified in

Reducing attack surface with System Hardening

Tools, techniques, and best practises can be used to harden technologies such as applications, systems, infrastructure, and firmware. In order to minimise the risk of attack, hardening systems is necessary. Your IT ecosystem is less vulnerable to attacks and malware

Securing Web Applications with System Hardening

Hardening a computer system reduces its attack surface. This involves deactivating unused services, shutting open network ports, and modifying default settings. The underlying operating systems, databases, network devices, application servers, and web servers affect the attack surface. This article discusses

Best Practices for System Hardening in 2022

Despite the fact that operating systems like Windows have gotten more secure, they are still vulnerable to attack. As a result, organisations must exercise extraordinary caution when it comes to securing their endpoints. To acquire access to your corporate network,