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How to adopt hardening measures in the cloud

With the rapid rise of cloud computing, traditional in-house application and service deployments have been replaced by virtualization. Currently, corporations can save money by renting hardware from companies like Extreme Compute and creating virtual servers with the exact hardware characteristics

Key Takeaways from Top Cybersecurity Breaches of 2021

Cyber-attacks aren’t going away anytime soon, which is a terrible fact of life. Today’s hackers have far more sophisticated tools at their disposal, which is altering the danger landscape. Every time a major data breach affects a company, it demonstrates

How Long Can a Business Survive without Cloud? Extreme Compute

Businesses are trying to optimize costs and make their costs more variable, which is one set of operating model transformations they are undergoing in the Indian IT industry. The second set of initiatives revolves around digital, including application modernization, cloud

Monitoring Cloud Migration made easy with Extreme Compute

In 2021, 85 percent of IT decision-makers expect to raise their budgets, with cloud transformation being a top priority for 65 percent of businesses. If you are implementing a migration this year, it’s important to understand how to monitor the

Cloud aids India’s IOT adoption for 2021 & Beyond – Extreme Compute

To improve the customer experience, businesses all over the world are investing in advanced technologies like the Internet of Things. As security and network stability become crucial factors in providing excellent customer service beyond COVID-19, companies are transitioning to remote

Here’s Why Enhancing MTTR over MTBF is optimal for Companies

In Software as a Service (SaaS) enterprise, one of the arguable debates is between release frequency vs. reliability and availability. That is, are you Team MTTR (mean time to restore) or Team MTBF (mean time between failure)? I support for