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Cloud Hardening: Security tools that sealed the loopholes

A safe environment, from infrastructure to cloud applications, is crucial from a technology perspective. A company’s information security policy should be made clear to all personnel, and access control rules should be properly enforced (firewalls, passwords, etc.). It’s time for

2022’s Top Security Challenges in the Cloud

Building client solutions on the cloud is an excellent idea. A decade ago, it would have been impossible to obtain the present levels of technology. It’s now possible to create a virtual data centre with only a single command. Teams

Major data security concerns in Cloud computing

Data security has long been a major concern for IT professionals (IT). Data security is essential because most of our personal and business information is housed in the cloud. Data confidentiality cannot be guaranteed despite the fact that cloud service

4 Cloud Security Challenges & Solutions for 2022

More and more businesses are shifting to the cloud in the recent years. There are now 41 percent of organisations using cloud services, up from 25 percent before the outbreak. In addition, 21% of companies expect to move 80-100 percent

Why security is critical for a Cloud-First strategy

Increasing the sturdiness of securityUsing the cloud is the best way for companies to quickly adapt and grow. There is a security risk with every new public cloud instance. Even the most basic corporate security requirements are unlikely to be

Overcoming security challenges in Hybrid cloud

Today’s defensive teams must devise new techniques for a hybrid and multi-cloud world. Multi-vendor and hybrid cloud security issues can arise. Cloud deployments increase IT complexity while reducing physical management demands. This is difficult for security staff, who regularly lose

5 Key Cloud Security Challenges with unauthorized access

Data and apps that can be accessed from any device, regardless of platform, are increasingly sought after by businesses today. Although it’s theoretically possible, cloud computing security is fundamentally challenging. In order to take advantage of cloud computing while protecting

Best Practices for System Hardening in 2022

Despite the fact that operating systems like Windows have gotten more secure, they are still vulnerable to attack. As a result, organisations must exercise extraordinary caution when it comes to securing their endpoints. To acquire access to your corporate network,

Cloud OS Security and Hardening

Hardening a ServerIt is the process of making a computer more secure. The host, application, operating system, physical environment, user, and sublevels are all protected by hardening. This is also known as “hardening” the system. Increasing the security of your

Threats in Cybersecurity lifecycle explained

Cyberattacks in the CloudCompanies and cloud service providers are constantly exchanging data, which opens the door to accidental or malicious data leaks by third parties. Most cloud service data breaches are caused by a combination of these causes. Cloud service


Automated detection and correction of cloud infrastructure vulnerabilities can be achieved with CSPM. It is used to visualise and analyse risks, respond to incidents, monitor compliance, and integrate DevOps. CSPM is critical because…A cloud may establish hundreds or even thousands

Components of a cloud security architecture in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS

An organization’s data and applications on the cloud are protected by cloud security architecture. In order to expand enterprise security, architecture is required. Customers and cloud service providers share responsibility for cloud security. Having a security architecture in place becomes


It’s predicted that the cloud migration services market will reach $9.5 billion by the end of 2022. More companies are moving to cloud platforms or contemplating it due to the advantages of scalability, efficiency, and rapid implementation.Cloud data and system


What Is The Purpose of a Cloud Security Assessment? An organization’s cloud infrastructure is evaluated and analysed as part of a cloud security assessment in order to ensure that it is safe from different types of security threats. The goal of

Here’s Why Everything-as-a-Service is the New Norm | ExtremeCompute

The “as-a-Service” paradigm of cloud computing, which provides services over the internet, is a growing trend around the world. Users are increasingly turning to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) options to access services and products. In the same pay-as-you-go business model, a wide

How Enterprise Cloud Aspirants deal with Skills Shortage?

Cloud deployment, as well as its various implementations, is a well-known term in the Information Technology business. The numerous ways a cloud platform service can be hosted and used gives us with a vast canvas on which to manage solutions

Benefits and Applications of Cloud-Native Security: Explained

Due to an increase in cyber threats, cloud security has become a major challenge for the industry in recent years. Cloud providers have prioritized security services since 2014. This comprises infrastructure and tenant boundary protection, as well as enhanced data

Avoid Analog Ideas in a Digital World – Rethink Cloud Security

By providing a new platform for developing and delivering company value, Cloud has the potential to profoundly transform competitive landscapes. Organizations must identify how to best deploy cloud-enabled security models that support sustainable competitive advantage to take advantage of the

5 Ways to manage your Applications better on Cloud – Extreme Compute

Businesses around the world began adopting SaaS platforms and cloud apps in massive numbers last year to better accommodate remote workers. As firms migrate to hybrid employment patterns in the post-pandemic era, this trend hasn’t slowed. CIOs and their IT

Why experts say complexities arise from Cloud Solution Overkill ?

Every Enterprise cloud provider aspires to provide cloud services in a professional manner, adhering to established standards and best practices. They want to accomplish their job as efficiently as possible, with no errors, no omissions, and with consideration of all

Cloud Security – How Secure is your Data with Cloud Storage?

What is Cloud Storage and How does it Work? Storing data in the cloud means data is transmitted and stored on remote storage facilities, where it is maintained, monitored, backed up, and made accessible to users via the internet. Typically,